The author, who will remain Robert F. Greene, just marked 60 years, however, he marked it in invisible ink just in case his suspicion that Southwest Florida is a Fountain of Youth turns out to be true. Rob is quite convined that it is. In that case, he will claim that he stopped aging when he arrived here in 2007, which would make him only 50 years old. How’s that for Modern Math?

The eldest of seven children of Robert and Virginia Greene of Amherst, New York, this former corporate controller, Florida Licensed Community Association Manager, accountant, voice over artist, collector of Moto Guzzi Eldorado motorcycles, Americana history buff, hobby videographer AND now full time real estate sales agent, is a proud father to daughter Megan and son Michael, both of whom currently reside in Clarence, New York with their terrific mom.

Blessed with the love of an amazing woman (Sandy), surrounded by an awesome group of family, close friends and working colleagues, Rob has found that those who look for the good in each day usually find it, and he’s been a subscriber to the philosophy for quite some time.

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